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The UnDISCLOSED Causes of Binge Eating

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Here's What You’ll Discover:

  • Why it's absolutely not your fault if you haven't been ablo to stop binge eating.
  • The reason why it can feel so hard to stop binge eating. And, what can make it really easy.
  • The three mindsets that triple your chances to keep on binge eating.
  • Why binge eating is NOT a single habit., but a system?
  • Get the truth now so you can finally focus your very precious and limited energy on things that bring you peace of mind without having to wrestle with yourself or battle with food.
  • The info is backed up by science and 9 years of experience. And, it is guaranteed to help you break the restrict-binge cycle, and relieve the unnecessary pressure, self-blame that comes with it.

Meet Laura:

Laura Houssain helps ambitious women find peace with food and feel fabulous in their skin without following a meal plan or fighting a single craving.

She has recovered from binge eating, emotional eating, sugar, love, and cigarette smoking addiction and other compulsive behaviors like procrastination and, perfectionism  — to name a few.

She has helped her clients, including two surgeons, busy business women, and mothers of four, restore their natural state of joy, peace of mind and a healthy relationship with food and their body.

Her signature solution is a system that combines the most effective techniques and can help anyone transform any aspect of their lives permanently and effortlessly.

She's now on a mission to help driven women empower themselves and enjoy the peace of mind, joy, and pride she feels they deserve.



This secret has helped dozens of women find peace with food effortlessly.

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