The Binge Eating and Self-Control Myth Debunked! Yes! You Can Stop Binging (Effortlessly)

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Do you think more self-control or self-discipline will help you stop binging and emotional eating?

“If I could have more self-control, I could stop binge eating. And, then, I would be happy!”

These are the words Susan told me hiding her tears last week. I have heard this kind of logic from dozens of women.

And, if you answered yes to my first question or you can relate to Susan’s reasoning, I hate to break it to you so bluntly. But, trying to control yourself more hoping it will help you overcome binge eating is a bit like buying lottery tickets hoping they will turn you into a millionaire.

The odds are against you. And, it’s scientifically proven.

I understand Susan’s pain. I used to blame myself the same way.

I know how it feels to have lost control…

But in a few minutes, if you’ve lost control over food, you will know you were never to blame, nor Susan, nor me. And also, how Sara was able to stop binge eating in 5 days without having to resist a single craving.

Today, you are going to learn why this self-control, self-discipline myth is a BIG LIE when it comes to recovering from binge eating and emotional eating.

You will know WHY using self-control to stop binge and emotional eating can only help you to relapse and blame yourself for it.

Using self-control to stop binge and emotional eating can only help you to relapse and blame yourself for it.Click To Tweet

Plus, I will show WHAT YOU CAN DO INSTEAD so you get on the path to finding peace with food effortlessly.

Watch the Video Below so You Stop Wasting Your Precious Energy on Self-Destructive Strategies that Are Proven to Fail!


In the summary below, I’ll show you how to get off the self-control wild goose chase and put an end to the cycles of binging, remorse, blame, promise, control, relapse.

But first,…

Why Do You Want More Control?

Below are the 7 most common reasons why people who binge want more self-control:

Reason #1 You have noticed that you have lost control:

You can’t stop when you start eating or you can’t resist cravings consistently.

Reason#2 You hate how losing control makes you feel:

For example, you may feel bloated, pain in your stomach, ashamed, angry with yourself and depreciate yourself for it.

Reason#3 You Tried Many Ways to Control Yourself. But they  ALL failed.


  • You tried talking yourself out of a binge
  • You tried keeping away from tempting food
  • You tried a meal plan

But none of this really helped you consistently.

Reason #4 You Gained Weight or Worry that You May Gain More Weight

…and you hate how your body feels and looks or could feel and look if you didn’t stop overeating.

Reason #5 Your Health is Deteriorating:

Maybe you suffer from poor digestion, IBS, food allergies, diabetes and you see a link with how much you eat.

Reason #6 You Worry About the Consequences:
You’re concerned about the damage overeating could cause to your life, your family, your career, and your finances

In other words, you have noticed that you can’t control yourself when it comes to food, you worry about the impact it will have on your weight, your health, and life.
But that’s not it!

You Want More Self-control Because You Make Two Assumptions:

A_  Your current overeating patterns are a symptom of a lack of willpower

B_  Having more control will help you stop binge eating for good.

And, maybe, like Susan, you conclude that more self-control will make you happy.

And, that seems totally sensible.

After all, our culture is filled with stories of people who succeeded against the odds with unwavering self-discipline. They are the handicapped gold-medalists, the college-dropout billionaires, and the runaway-kid Oscar winners.

They inspire us and make us dream big!

And recovering from binge eating can seem like any other goal.


Why Doesn’t Self-Discipline Help You Stop Binge Eating?

The short answer is:

1_ it’s been proven to fail by over 20 years of scientific research

2_what motivates you to binge eat is not the same thing that motivates you to win the gold medal, make a billion dollars or become a Hollywood star.

Therefore, you CANNOT apply the same principles stop binge eating and becoming famous, rich or reaching peak performance. And, the most obvious evidence to this is the long list of stars who have reported suffering from an eating disorder including Oprah Winfrey.

Why Do You Binge Eat?

The main four things that motivate women to overeat are:

  • A feeling of lack
  • Wanting more of something
  • Limiting beliefs
  • How these limiting beliefs impact your life

There are more. But we’ll focus on these here.

I explain how they influence the way you eat, feel and behave in greater details in the video.

What Happens When You Try to Stop Binge Eating Using Self-Control?

A quick summary is:

You are usually already frustrated or afraid or bored or lacking something or you miss, want or long for… and you believe something about those things that is usually negative or limiting.

In other words, you are not in a place of peace of mind or flow.

And, food seems to give you something you want or feel deprived of.

For example, it numbs, relaxes, stimulates, excites, soothes, satisfies you.

In the video, I give the example of someone who dieted so long and so hard that she used to suffer from starvation anxiety attacks. Just the thought of depriving herself more than she already had would make her go frantic and finish a bag of pink chewy sweets as fast as possible.

And, that’s because she had been controlling her eating for days, weeks and years.

In other words, you can control yourself for a while until you hit a threshold and you just can’t take it anymore.

What Can You Do Instead of Trying to Control Yourself From Binge Eating?

You can start looking at what you feel deprived of, what you’re missing, what you expect overeating will make you feel. It takes building a few self-awareness skills and applying them.

But you can uncover at least some of what I call your “overeating drives” in about three weeks. And, when you do, you have done at done at least 25% of the work.

If you want to see how someone applied these principles to her life, access Sara’s case-study.

Click on the image below to access it. You’re getting a PDF, a full walk-through video and an invitation to a 7-part email coaching series and full details on how Sara finally stopped binge eating in 5 days after binging every night for years.

The Binge Eating and Self-Control Myth Debunked! Yes! You Can Stop Binging (Effortlessly) – sara stopped binge eating forever story – image

Now let me know in the comments, did you notice a threshold which when reached you just can’t control yourself anymore? Are you going to start looking at what motivates your overeating?

Sara didn’t believe she could change. She had tried to control herself. But it didn’t seem to help her. Yet, every night she tried to use self-discipline to refrain from binge eating and every night she just couldn’t stop herself… until she met me. And, I helped her look at what she needed to do for herself. And, when she did. She was free.

Click here to download Sara’s case-study 

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The Binge Eating and Self-Control Myth Debunked! Yes! You Can Stop Binging (Effortlessly)

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