in as little as 90 Days

Even if You’ve Binged Every Week for the Past 10, 20 or 30 Years
Even if You Obsess on Food All Day, Every Day

Even if You Don’t Believe, You Can Change

Even if You Feel You Have Tried Everything

Even if Nothing Has Worked

The Ultimate

Food Peace Roadmap


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Dear Ambitious, Positive-Minded Woman,

If you’re like most women I have worked with, you already have a big project going on for you. 

Whether it's your business, your career, your family, or that big dream you haven't gotten around to, you want to show up in the world as the loving, empowered and blissful woman, you know you can be, and enjoy the success and exciting life you deserve.

And, You’ve done sooo much work already.

Yet, when it comes to food or eating, your self-control evaporates.

You've done all you can do to stop yourself. You hide food. You don't bring any "kryptonite" food home- you know the one that robs you of any "restraint power". 

You avoid restaurants. You tried meal plans, maybe using smaller plates...

And you resent yourself so much for having bad days, moments when you just eat unlimited amounts of food you know you don't need.

You may look like you've got life figured out. But on the inside, you're restless, constantly worried about the next time you'll lose battle with food.

And while you can easily experience days and maybe weeks of successful food craving suppression and temporary relief - the thing that can make a real difference in your life ( a peaceful relationship with food ) still eludes you.

You make BIG diet resolutions… Push Yourself like hell to stick to them… only to end up disappointed in yourself.

And let’s face it – it’s just NOT FUN to spend 90% of your time focused on what you should eat,  how much you ate, and what you want to eat, push yourself hard when other women can confidently eat a piece of cake in front of you without finishing their plate, leave the table feeling content and happy, and never have a second thought about it and making it all look so easy.

Can you relate to what I have just shared?


My name is

And, I'm so happy you're reading this because...

I have spent decades hating myself for not measuring up to my expectations. At some point it was so bad, I was binge-watching every night while eating cookies, sweets and chain-smoking. I got so hooked on sugar and cigarettes, I ruined my previously immaculate teeth and I gained 23 lbs (approximately 10kgs) in a few weeks. But..

 with a lot of research, top-notch training with Worldwide renown energy, mind and emotional release experts, and a lot perseverance, I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. At first, it was just glimpses of light.

Eventually, I found a way to stop binging and burying my heartbreaks, fears, and disappointments under piles of sugar and chocolate.

I have designed the Food Peace Roadmap Program to help all ambitious women find peace with food so they can embody the empowered women they truly are and be an inspiration to us all.

If you want a solid, tangible, and permanent peaceful relationship with food, you need to create change where it matters. (Hint: it's not at the behavioral level).

You want to reshape the mindset, beliefs, and habits that generate compulsive eating so YOU NO LONGER WANT TO BINGE!

Remove  what drives your desire to overeat and

enjoy everlasting peace with food effortlessly.


Eat all the foods you love without guilt or worry, radiate confidence,
get remarkable results effortlessly… and live a life of massive personal freedom.

The Food Peace Roadmap comes along with an experienced Sherpa who has paved the way for you.

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Personal Discovery:

You have a unique set of triggers and drives that cause you to overeat. Overlook any of them and sooner or later you’re back with empty bags of Cheetos, donuts, sweets or ______(fill in the blank) and a stomach that feels funny.

Now, you can use my unique binge eating drive discovery system to identify what causes you to binge. This way, you finally get the chance to eliminate the problem at its root. Getting the root out guarantees you’ll find permanent peace, not just a truce.

Change Psychology:

The Ultimate Food Peace Roadmap shows you exactly what to do and when. It is based on over 30 years of scientific research on behavioral change. With this roadmap, you'll never have to wonder where to start or what is the next step.

You don’t want to use the right strategy at the wrong time because it's a waste of your energy and time and is sure to fail.

If you are serious about making peace with food, it's vital you know what to do when. The Ultimate Food Peace Roadmap gives you exactly that, a clearly laid out step-by-step route you can easily follow so that you are certain to find peace with food for a lifetime.

Knowing exactly which steps thousands of people have used to successfully change their habits forever will give you the confidence and skills to make permanent peace with food a reality.

Growth Mindset:

Changing a habit like binge eating or emotional eating is not a straight line. It's more like going on a safari adventure. There are turns, surprises and bumps, and —with the right mindset and a skillful guide—you are certain to get to the finish line.

One major pitfall when embarking on a binge eating or/and emotional eating recovery safari is to bring along a fixed mindset. A fixed mindset is like a teammate who scolds you at every wrong turn, and shames you for not having reached the finish line yet! It just spoils the fun and makes the whole journey taxing. Worse! It could make you want to give up and return to the starting line.

That's why the Food Peace Roadmap system encourages you to focus on growth and shows you how to handle this nagging inner-critic so you can peacefully make steady progress without risking your whole self-esteem at every turn.

Reality Checks:

The roadmap comes with a tracking system that shows you clearly where you are on your journey which tangible results you have achieved and what lies ahead of you. This helps you focus on one step at a time, enjoy the progress while knowing exactly where you stand.

You never have to wonder whether you're doing good or worry that you are not moving fast enough.

Also, this roadmap invites you to practice radical honesty very early on. If you have ever talked yourself into going to the supermarket while knowing you were just going to buy food to binge, you know the cost of ignoring your own truth.

This roadmap brings you the relief to remain honest with yourself in a loving, kind yet unwavering and genuine way. 

A Playful Attitude:

Even though compulsive overeating is a serious matter that can sometimes cost people their life, well-being, and health, finding peace with food can joyful.

The Food Peace Roadmap is designed with a playful, curious attitude in mind. This makes the whole journey fun and exciting without the dread, pain, or strain commonly associated with recovery.


Eat all the foods you love without guilt or worry, radiate confidence,
get remarkable results effortlessly… and live a life of massive personal freedom.

The Food Peace Roadmap comes along with an experienced Sherpa who has paved the way for you.

Click on the button below if you a ready to stop fighting food.


You can eat a piece of cake without the faintest remorse or wanting more

100% of your mind space is allocated to the things that matter to you.

You only think about food when it's time to eat or to go grocery shopping

You feel fabulous in your skin everywhere you go... (including in front of mirrors, in shops, and restaurants).

You are fully present in all your interactions with your spouse, kids and loved ones.

When someone talks to you about another diet, you smile politely, maybe explain you don't do diets anymore, feel no emotional reaction, and move on.

Warning: This is not your usual eat mindfully, distract yourself, stop dieting, heal your wounds, and love yourself advice. You're getting a 100% personalized roadmap to be permanently at peace with food by entirely reshaping your relationship with food in a scientifically designed sequence.


Yes! you can eat all the foods you love without guilt or worry, radiate confidence,
get remarkable results effortlessly… and live a life of massive personal freedom.

Click on the button below if you a ready to stop fighting food. And, I'll show you how you can make peace with food without fighting a single craving, following a meal plan or expensive drugs.

What Others Say


Here is spontaneous feedback I have received about my previous program, the Food Peace Switch. I tested it with a handful of people. Even though it had an impressive success rate, I have since turned it into a group coaching program because I don't want you to get stuck along the way.



Binge eating or emotional overeating eventually creates loads of unnecessary guilt, shame and self-rejection.  It is time for you to unburden yourself. Claim your birthright to feel fabulous in your skin and blessed being you.

You know you deserve it.



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