Break Your Sugar Addiction Without Withdrawl Symptoms

Break Sugar AddictionExcessive sugar consumption has been reported to cause stress, constant tiredness, foggy thinking, bad sleep, bad teeth, gut flora imbalance, candida overgrowth, sugar cravings and weight-gain to name a few.

To make things worse, evidence is piling up every day linking sugar consumption to brain damage, memory loss, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and type II diabetes.

The health risks from overeating sugar are so alarming that it’s a no brainer to want to limit its consumption.

Considering sugar side-effects, beating sugar addiction may become a life or death choice.

Dr. Robert Lustig, an endocrinologist from California, raised national awareness of sugar’s devastating affect on health in 2008, with his compelling lecture on sugar: “Sugar: the Bitter Truth”. He regards sugar as a poison, causing cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. He says that 75% of all diseases in America are caused by the American diet and lifestyle, and are perfectly preventable.

Sugar may feel so uplifting and soothing that you may feel you can’t go without it, no matter what the costs.

I know you may have tried to quit sugar before, but it felt so hard you gave up trying.

And that no matter how guilty or ashamed you may feel, you feel you just can’t stop.

It’s not your fault.

The problem is that most sugar addiction experts expect you to stop eating sugar cold-turkey to get rid of your addiction.

The obvious problem with this is….

If you’re addicted to sugar it means you can’t stop eating it! Dah!

and if you do, the sugar withdrawal symptoms are going to take their toll on you.

So the advice of these so-called ‘experts’ is just plain useless.

The good news is I know techniques that can help you let go of sugar cravings effortlessly.

Now you can say goodbye to food obsession, cravings, crankiness, mood swings and headaches without having to go through major withdrawal symptoms.
There’s nothing worse than feeling like a sugar junkie. You don’t have to.

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